Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work out which air conditioner I need?
There are many factors to consider, cooling power is measured in BTU's or Watts. As a rough guide, measure the room volume (LxWxH). If in feet, multiply x4 for BTU/hr requirement. If in metres, multiply x40 for Watts requirement. However, when determining a model best suited for your room, remember that each room has its own characteristics, so heat gain should also be considered especially in conservatories. In a commercial environment, server rooms may need additionally cooling to avoid system crashes due to overheating.

What else should I consider when deciding?
The largest cause of heat gain to a building is solar gain from the sun, even on a dull day this is relative. South and West facing windows in particular, number of people, equipment being used, photocopiers, computers etc.

What happens if I buy an air conditioner that is too small?
When the heat load in the room is greater than the units cooling capacity the air conditioner will only be operating as comfort cooling and will not deal efficiently with your requirements. It is therefore essential that you install the correct equipment so as not to waste your money.

Are they easy to install?
Portables are by far the easiest to install, just plug into a 13amp socket for instant air conditioning. When it comes to fixed systems these must be installed by competent approved personnel otherwise the unit may fail to operate to specifications and more importantly invalidate the warranty. Units will have to be connected to a suitable fused electrical supply by a qualified electrician.

If in any doubt, please contact us for a FREE no obligation site survey when we can discuss the project with you to determine your requirements.

Proven Tips

Recommended checklist for selecting a quality Air-conditioning installer.

  • Check credentials. Is the survey engineer competent, or just a salesman. Many companies may appear competent, but offer no backup using sub-contract labour to carry out the installations.
  • Ask for references. Former customers are an excellent source of information. Call these individuals and ask if they were pleased with the contractors work.
  • Expect a free on-site evaluation visit. A good engineer (not salesman) should take a personal, thorough look at your property, evaluate your overall comfort needs and recommend the best system for you and not for themselves!! Beware of a contractor that simply takes information over the phone.
  • Check local licenses. Depending on where you live, the contractor may have to comply with certain local or state regulations, so ask to see any applicable state and local licenses and insurance forms for liability and workmen's compensation. Beware of any requirements to obtain planning permission for condenser units located outside in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Get a fully written cost estimate. To make a fair comparison, be sure the bids you are looking at include the services you've requested and are based on the same size and efficiency equipment and the same quality of workmanship. Be wary of a contractor who offers unrealistically low prices; it may mean corners are being cut in crucial areas.
  • Inquire about equipment and labour warranties. Warranties vary according to manufacturers. Make sure the dealer explains the terms of your warranty and that you understand it. In addition, many manufacturers offer extended warranties, which you may be wise to investigate.
  • Inquire about preventive maintenance service contracts. Many dealers offer service contracts that call for periodic maintenance of equipment and, if needed, repairs. The fee for such contracts is usually well worth it in terms of obtaining optimum efficiency and performance from your system.
  • Finally, insist on a written contract. Commit your agreement to writing and have the contractor sign it. Your properties indoor comfort is important. Don't gamble with it by selecting an air conditioning contractor by chance
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