Residential Air Conditioning

No doubt you will have heard about the growing trend towards introducing air conditioning into the domestic environment, indeed many new manufacturers have entered the market with smaller units specifically designed towards this sector. With a growing number of motor vehicles having A/C fitted as a standard feature, customer awareness is continuing to increase.

A new generation of 'Modern' Split Air Conditioners have been designed specifically aimed at the ‘Domestic Market’ with many more refinements than basic units fitted to most vehicles. Generally the design is based upon existing commercial units that have been used in offices and shops for many years.

Further developments in design and technology mean these units now offer the following benefits:

  • Heat Pump operation providing efficient HEATING. ( 1 kw input approx 3 kw output ).
  • Comfort COOLING.
  • DEHUMIDIFYING, thus eliminating condensation problems.
  • Infrared remote controller to set room temperature, manual or automatic operation.
  • Smaller Size Units with greater Efficiency and Reliability.
  • ‘Super Silent’ operation on Indoor & Outdoor units.

Now Available:

New ‘Inverter’ Driven units providing even greater efficiency with more responsive control.

An Air Conditioning Heat Pump unit can now be fully installed from just £999-00, providing Heating Cooling and De-humidification, helping to maintain a pleasant environment throughout the year. All systems must be designed and calculated individually to suit the required application.

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