What is Air Conditioning?


The refrigerant (special liquid) flows through the indoor units to take in the excess heat from indoors. It then evaporates into a gas and is passed  through narrow tubes to the out side unit. It is here that the heat is released into the atmosphere.

Therefore meaning the gas converts to a liquid again and then surges back to the indoor units, where air is being fanned over it and is then released into the room. This cycle is repeated until the desired/predetermined temperature is achieved.


Hot air conditioning units use heat pumps and also allows the cycle described above about the Cooling system to be reversed. A heat pump removes free heat out of the outdoor air and relocates the heat  indoors. This convention even continues to function on cold days with temperatures down to -10 °C or -15°C, depending on the type of A/C system used.

Consequently, the heat pump units divest the need for a heating system and allow you to cool and heat with the same unit, with savings in costs and energy during the whole year.

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