Air Conditioning Heat Pump systems are often considered and installed for New Build homes & refurbishments due to their exceptional energy efficiency.

Loft conversions and Home extensions are ideal locations to benefit from Air Conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Manufacturers are continually developing quieter, smaller, smarter Air Conditioning units, specifically designed towards this sector, meeting the needs of the modern Homeowner.

We are able to specify the best and most suitable unit for you and your home with greater energy efficiency and performance, the latest Inverter Air Conditioning systems have low noise levels and are available with Wi-Fi capabilities and stylish designs to match any application!

  • Residential HEATING & COOLING.
  • Lounge & Bedrooms
  • Loft conversions & Extensions
  • NEW WIFI & Mobile App controls – home integration options available.
  • Smaller Size Units with greater Efficiency and Reliability.
  • ‘Super Silent’ operation on Indoor & Outdoor units.
  • Dehumidifying, thus eliminating condensation problems.
  • Variety of colours and designs to suit any interior design project.

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An Air Conditioning Heat Pump unit can now be fully installed from £1,100, providing Heating and Cooling, helping to maintain a pleasant environment throughout the year. All systems must be designed and calculated individually to suit the required application.